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The Ten Commandments

Beddings for Life

arcaAlianca (20K)

Exodus 25:10 - 22 "They shall make an ark of acacia wood. Two cubits and a half shall be its length, a cubit and a half its breadth, and a cubit and a half its height. You shall overlay it with pure gold, inside and outside shall you overlay it, and you shall make on it a molding of gold around it. You shall cast four rings of gold for it and put them on its four feet, two rings on the one side of it, and two rings on the other side of it. You shall make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. And you shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark to carry the ark by them. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be taken from it. And you shall put into the ark the testimony that I shall give you. "You shall make a mercy seat of pure gold. Two cubits and a half shall be its length, and a cubit and a half its breadth. And you shall make two cherubim of gold; of hammered work shall you make them, on the two ends of the mercy seat. Make one cherub on the one end, and one cherub on the other end. Of one piece with the mercy seat shall you make the cherubim on its two ends. The cherubim shall spread out their wings above, overshadowing the mercy seat with their wings, their faces one to another; toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubim be. And you shall put the mercy seat on the top of the ark, and in the ark you shall put the testimony that I shall give you. There I will meet with you, and from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim that are on the ark of the testimony, I will speak with you about all that I will give you in commandment for the people of Israel."

 Board of the Ten Commandments




Where it is the Ark?

It has some hypotheses on the localization of the Ark. Some believe that it is in a church located in an island in the Etiopy, where exist a religion whose sacred object is the Ark. And, the tradition of the cult to the Ark legends with passing of the time were passed of generation the generation generating. Others affirm that it was destroyed in the fire of the temple when Nebuchadnezzar invaded the city. Still, it has those that believe that it is hidden in the Nebo mount in Israel commanded for Jeremias prophet. ( described in the book apócrifo II Macabeus 2,2-8). And, exists another line that believes that when You flowed if it became king and it placed idol the same heathen to be adored in enclosure where were the Ark, the priests had removed the same one of the place not to offend the God, and they had taken it for some unknown place.

Defeat for the Filisteus When the Israelis had been defeated by the filisteus, these had taken the Ark and they had taken it to the temple of Dagom in Asdode. One consists that strange facts had occurred: the statue of Dagom appeared 2 times with t he cut head, diseases (hemorroidses and I occasion of rats) contaminated the population of Asdode (Asdod), including princes and priests. These events had made with that princes of Asdode Ecrom call sent the Ark for another f ilistéia city (Ekrom). But, in Ecrom the population protested against the presence of the Ark, sending in return Israel in a wagon. The Ark remained in territory filisteu during 7 months. In Bete-Semes when the wagon stopped, any bete-Semites had looked at for the interior of the Ark moved by the curiosity, and, they had died instantaneously. Finally, the Ark was taken for Quireate-Jearim, and was during 20 years to the cares of Eleazar.

In 587 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar invades and takes the city of Jerusalem, and a great fire destroyed all the temple and after this does not have mentions to the Ark. Some also believe that in the invasion, Nebuchadnezzar has taken value objects, the Ark. But the babilônios wrote down everything that was stolen and it does not have no mention to the Ark. One another hypothesis exists of that the Ark was removed of before the invasion and kept the temple in a safe place.

Occured history in Jerusalem with the archaeologist Ronald Wyatt In day 6 of January of 1982, in a cave 7 meters below of the place of the crucificação, in the Calvário. It was disclosed to the world almost 2 decades later, a fact kept in secret the order of the Jewish authorities in 1982, being divulged at that time only in U.S.A. After some studies, the archaeologist Ronald Wyatt took off some conclusions: The Ark could not have been led for Babilônia, in accordance with the Biblical references. It must have been hidden some day enters year 621 (18º year of the reign of Josias) and 586 AC, when the babilônios had invaded the city and the temple was destroyed. Finally, the Ark must have been hidden between the babilônias junks and the wall of the city therefore nobody in Jerusalem could leave, considering that the city had been total destroyed and that was highly improbable that the Ark was hidden in it. All these considerations led to speculate that the Ark would be next to one old quarry that was known as “Scarp of the Calvário”, where is times behind, and that Wyatt found that was Grotto of Jeremias. Ronald Wyatt with a team made the hollowings and obtained to arrive at a point where he saw the Ark, this if located accurately below of the point where the crucificação of Christ occurred. As the surface would never obtain to bring it it, wise person who some critics around of the world would not believe its history, then it broke a small piece of a device, romã of ivory, that it finds in the cave and he left it in the chamber with the Ark of the Alliance. Arriving at the surface, it he informed the Israeli authorities and he delivered romã that he had a registration that identifies it to belong to the temple of Salomão. Currently this object if finds in the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem. This discovery convinced the authorities that Wyatt could be saying the truth on the discovery of the Ark of the Alliance, therefore until today is the only one that it found an object of the first temple where the Ark was. The discovery could create great religious problems and politicians for Israel, therefore, the authorities had asked for the Wyatt who kept the discovery of the Ark in secret. they feared a violent reaction of some radical Jews, because at other times the dispute for the Mount of the temple generated some bloody conflicts.




Mystery in the dimensions of the Ark? The Gold Number appeared of the idea to divide a segment of straight line in 2 parts, and, amongst the innumerable possibilities to make this division, one exists that is more pleasant to the eyes and that it transmits a harmony sensation. The value of Number Phi the Gold = 1,618033988749895 (it received the name from Phi in homage to the sculptor and Greek architect Fidias that used the ratio in its workmanships, also in the façade of the Pathernon).

Later, the Greeks had considered that the rectangles whose sides possessed this relation presented a special aesthetic harmony and they had given the name to it of golden or rectangular rectangle of gold, having considered this harmony as a bonanza virtue. Eudoxus, one Greek mathematician, created a series of general theorems of geometry and applied the analysis method to study the ratio that believed to be the ratio of gold.

Leonardo of the Vinci used the golden proportion as a pledge of perfection, beauty and harmony. In the picture of the Mona Lisa, the golden rectangle appears in local multiples, the traditional representation of the man in form of star of 5 tips observes it ratio of gold.

Verifying the measures of the ark dictated for God the Moses, and, considering if the rounding of the numbers, we can affirm that in the ark, all existing rectangles are rectangular of gold. Because God defined these measures for the ark?

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The New Will came to revoke the Ten Commandments?

In the sermon of the mountain, a ticket exists that Lord Christ says: “You do not think that I came to revoke the Law or the prophets, I did not come to revoke, I came to fulfill”. In this manner, It in them disclosed to the deep direction of all the commandments, explaining that through its essence they take to the teaching on the relationship with God and the human being: “You will love you all your God of your heart, all your soul and all your spirit, and will love your next one as you exactly”. “In these two commandments if summarize all the Law…” (Mat. 22:37 - 40) the meaning of the Ten Commandments consists of the fact of that they define with clarity and exactness the position in relation the God and relation to the next one ."

Some religious men say that the Ten Commandments are part of `law' and we do not apply ourselves today. E that I eat Christians, we are `free of the law'. The position above total is missed. It is of utmost importance to understand what it wants to say the New Will when affirms that we are `free of the law'. The word `law' is used for the two-way writers of the New Will. Some times it mentions itself to the Ceremonial Law - of the Old one Will, that if relate with ritual substance and concernentes regulations manjares, drinks and things of this sort. Of this law, the Christians are free in the truth. But the New Will also speaks of the Moral Law, which is of permanent and invariant character and is prosecuted in the Ten commandments.”




























Relative laws the God? Relative laws to the fellow creature?

The TEN COMMANDMENTS are norms for the behavior human being. They are summarized moral lapsings in ten itens. The 4 first ones if relate to the duties of the man stop with God, and can be summarized in “Will love you all your God of its heart, all your soul and all the agreement” (TM 22,37). The others 6 commandments if relate to the relationship with the next one. E, was summarized thus: “You will love your next one as you exactly” (Mc 12.31).



























Understanding the COMMANDMENTS? The Ten Commandments do not only aim at the improvement of the individual behavior. Following if the Ten Commandments a society can be reached more joust and equal.





















What it is Biblical Archaeology? Archaeology is a science, the knowledge in this field if gets for the systematic comment and study, and the discovered facts are evaluated and classified in an organized set of information. Archaeology is also a composed science, therefore it searchs aid in many other sciences, such as chemistry, the anthropology and zoology. Biblical archaeology can be defined as lost an old object examination long ago and today recouped and that they become related to the study of the Holy Writs and the characterization of the life in the Biblical times. Archaeology assist-in understanding the Bible. It discloses as it was the life in the Biblical times, what obscure tickets of the Bible really mean, and as the historical narratives and the Biblical contexts they must be understood. Archaeology assist-in understanding the Bible. It discloses as it was the life in the Biblical times, what obscure tickets of the Bible really mean, and as the historical narratives and the Biblical contexts they must be understood. Effected archaeological hollowings in numerous places of Palestine, the Syrian and other Biblical lands have brought to the surface many evidences that contributions for one better understanding or ascertainment of the Biblical stories have made. Professor W.F. Albringht, an authority in the subject, makes the following comment on Biblical archaeology: “Thanks to the modern research, we now recognize the essential historicidade of it (the Bible). The Narratives concerning the Patriarchs, of Moses, the Exodus, the conquest of Canaã, the Juízes, the monarchy, the exile and the restoration had been all confirmed and illustrated to a point that, forty years (or more) behind, would be considered an impossibility”. [1] Until the gift it did not have a case at least where archaeology has demonstrated definitively and conclusive that the Bible was missed!











Enigma in the construction of the Ark? In the way as it was constructed, the Ark can be considered what we know today as “electric capacitor”, that is, an used device to store electric loads in electro-electronic circuits. A simple capacitor is formed by two blades of separate conducting material for layer of an isolating, analogous material to constitution of the Ark. It quickly stores electric loads in the conducting surfaces, generating a discharge as soon as these plates is ece of fishes in contact or filled with earth. Considering the dimensions and the materials used in the Ark, it can be concluded that it was a capacitor capable to store great amount of load, sufficient to provoke an intense electric discharge, with some hundreds of Volts, killing who touched it without had well-taken care of. The mount Horeb (or Choreb), place where it had a temple to shelter the Ark, is a rocky place with more than 760m of rise on plateaus in the desert of the Sinai, located the east of Egypt. Its climate is dry, with much wind and known by the great electrostatic activity, therefore, ideal to load the Ark electrically. It is interesting to detach that the first electric capacitor it was only constructed in century XVIII, and its electric properties they could only have been explained when the theory involving electric loads and capacitors total was understood.





















The Exodus is true or falsifies? Even today many argue that the Exodus episode of the Jewish people is a fiction. The skeptical claim that the exodus never occurred and that there is no proof that archaeological evidence Such event. But also, the fact is that no one has proved that the fact is a legend. The evidence may be hidden, please note The manuscripts of the sea dead, were found in 1947 in a cave.

One of the greatest stories of all time was a new turnaround in Hollywood. James Cameron, the same director who produced Titanic, is the executive producer of a documentary Claims that have discovered evidence confirming one of the episodes more the dramatic Old Testament: the division of the Red Sea and the Jewish exodus from Egypt. At The Exodus Decoded ( "The Exodus Decoded"), a documentary of 90 minutes will be displayed in America this month, Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici, the Canadian producer of films, Tell that a volcanic eruption in the Greek islands of Santorini enabled a chain of Natural disasters recorded in the Bible as the "10 plagues" that God sent to Egypt As punishment for slavery of the Jews.

Cameron believes that the division of the Red Sea may have been a tsunami That destroyed the army of the pharaoh when prosecuted Jews in flight. The documentary says that the incident did not happen in the Red Sea exactly, but the small Sea of rush, An area at the end of the marshes north of the Gulf of Suez. In March there is a fish called the native of Moses, Half white and half black, according to popular folklore when there would be from the division of water. An underwater earthquake may have released poisonous gas that made the water red.

Jacobovici said that "the common wisdom is that there is no one piece of archaeological evidence That supports the biblical story of Exodus. " Until students Jews reluctantly agreed that this episode Central to their faith, celebrated every year by Easter-may never have happened. Still, Cameron and Jacobovici claim to have revealed more than a dozen archaeological relics To suggest that the exodus happened three centuries earlier that students calculate Bible. For the reinterpretation of art museums in Luxor, Cairo, Athens and elsewhere, Jacobovici date the exodus close of 1,500 BC.

This period is the time in which some geologists believe that the volcano of Santorini, The 650 km to the north of Egypt, entered into eruption in the eastern Mediterranean. Scientists and historians long speculated that the "10 plagues" suffered by Egypt Could have been connected in a "domino effect" of natural causes. The website of the documentary argues that a series of earthquakes can be "destabilized the system The whole of the Nile Delta and resulted in part in the delta slide out of the African continental plate. "

This would have the high level of land around the Sea of rush, believing thus have formed a swamp Saltwater around El Balah, the already extinct lake. "El Balah" in Hebrew means "Where God destroyed." "In other words, the sea was opened" says the website. "The water would fallen of land high For low earth ... Providing dry land for which the Israelites could cross. This event would also have caused a huge 'phenomenon in the water', a real tsunami. If the waves came in just 12 km inside the area they had destroyed the Egyptian army. "

The producers of "Exodus" believe that the water became red through substances Chemicals released by underwater tremors. Something similar happened in lakes of Cameroon, In year 1986. If the waters were with poison, amphibians jump out the beach, Thus producing the biblical plague of frogs. When the frogs died, insects have been reproduced in the corpus of them leading to the plague of locusts, Fleas and pediculos (Pediculus human capitis).

They would spread disease in men, wounds and diseases in animals. This also would have threatened crops, while forced the Egyptians to store grains which could To be corrupted. Food contaminated could respond by the plague of the deaths among older children of the Egyptians, Because in times of shortage, the tradition is favored the eldest son.

Conditions of time generated by the eruption also could have caused the plagues of hail and rain on the Darkness. And, of the Pharaoh Ramses II season is not as assumed, but Ashmod. If the evidence presented by the documentary are really correct, it is justified because so far not found Evidence about the Exodus. The searches and searches were related to local and wrong times.

Violation of the 10 commandments In the Bible there is a classic example of a serious breach of the 10 commandments and the consequences of this act. The King David committed adultery and he left Bete Seba Pregnant. Bete Seba was wife of Urias the heteu, one of his most loyal soldiers while This Struggling in their cause . To hide this fact, did terrible machinations, and finally, planned to Urias was killed in the fighting that ended happening. Despite King David being anointed of God, occurred facts terrible, the child with bete Saba died. , And followed the curse of God "What the sword never get away from your home." One of the sons of David eventually killing another.

David really existed? The discovery of the ruins in the Kidron Valley, in Jerusalem described in the Bible as places of residence of kings, it may be the first evidence For historical facts described in the Bible. And, can give credibility that science always rejected for narratives The Old Testament. For historians, David and his son Solomon, were leaders of small clans of the region's farmers and never recognized The existence of Jerusalem grandiose described in Judeo-Christian scripture. A search of archeology Israeli, Eilat Mazar ,believes that found the palace of King David.

Goliath Discovery News (on-line) announced another discovery related to the Bible story of David's season. A fragment of pottery found in Tells-Safi, to the south of Israel, one of the oldest ruins in the country. In the fragment, an inscription, dated at about thousands of years BC, "Proto-canaanite", an archaic language, contains two Names of origin non-Semitic. These are the names: "Alwt" And Wlt. "Head of the excavation, Aren Maeir of the University of Bar-Ilan, Israel, reported that the two names were etymologically similar to corresponding terms in Indo-European, "Goliath". The discovery is being seen as evidence of veracity to the Bible story about the Fighting between David and Goliath.





















Nebuchadnezzar is legend? The existence of historical Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon itself was a fact questioned by critics until around 1806, When Claudius James Rich confirmed through an extensive scientific report that the Ruins found in the hills of Babil were, In fact, the ancient city of Babylon. Until that time no one knew anything about the city out of the biblical story and historians of antiquity, Whose accuracy was Seriously questioned. The vast metropolis seemed to have been swallowed by the desert. Researchers Europeans who arrived in Baghdad just saw the hills full of dust, Babil and could not assume that there were The rubble Of ancient Babylon. The bricks with strange markings and took it home as mere curiosities. So it is not lacking who Apregoasse that the book of Daniel never could represent a real story. But the excavations that followed the holding of Rich, started to show that it is skeptical that were wrong. By that time, It was developed also in archaeology an intensive study to find out what was written in those Tablets which were burdening the hills, Throughout the territory. The second major archaeological made of the nineteenth century was the translation of cuneiforms babylons found in Iraq. Nieburh, Grotefend and Rawlinson were the main pioneers in this area and even today there is no doubt about the loyalty of the majority of Texts Translated. In 1899, Robert Koldewey was exploring the ruins in Babil when found hundreds of bricks from walls, Walls and Own Temple of Ezagil that brought the name of King Nebuchadnezzar as representative of those large buildings.





















Jesus Christ existed? Today few deny that Jesus has in fact existed. Indeed, their existence and importance is one of the few things on which Most people readily agrees. The title of an editorial from The Wall Street Journal in December 2002 said: "The science can not disregard Jesus." Its author concluded: "Most scholars, except for a few atheists, Already accepted Jesus of Nazareth as a historical character. " The Time magazine said: "You must have a very fertile imagination to say that the most influential figure, Not just these two millennia, but throughout human history, was not Jesus of Nazareth. " She added: "The fact that no other person exercised, not by far, a powerful and lasting influence such as Jesus is An argument of weight. "





















Prophecy impressive? The major difference between the Bible (NT and VT) and other sacred books are the prophecies. In no other sacred book there are prophecies that if confirmed thousands of years later. This does not include the classic examples like fall of Jerusalem, on Nebuchadrezzar, on the coming of Jesus Christ. We will quote a more recent than is impressive:


Look at Ezekiel 37:1 37:2 37:11 and 37:12:


1 Came on me the hand of the Lord, and he took me in the Spirit of the Lord and put me in the middle of the valley which was full of bones; 2 and made me walk around them. So they were very numerous on the face of the valley, and here we were very dry.


11 Then I said: Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. Here's what they say: Our bones dried up and died for hope, we are all cut. So predicts 12, and say: 'Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I you open your graves, but of you I will leave your graves, O my people, and you will bring to the land of Israel.


If remembering the genocide of Jews occurred in 2. World War and reviewing these paragraphs, we conclude that it is a description of what happened in thousands of years later. By the estimate of researchers, the book of Ezekiel was written in 758 AC, over 2000 to occur prior to 2. World War. And, after the great war was the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. How is it possible? I never understood, we can assume that for God, past, present and future coexist.